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Aatma Vikas is a US-registered 501c3 that supports local community development initiatives in India, primarily focused on vulnerable women and children.

Aatma Vikas means "self development" or "soul development in Hindi. Goal is to restore their dignity by caring for the vulnerable people groups and teach them vocational skills so they can become self sustaining.

Vikas Mission has multiple campuses/training centers in central and northeast India.

Greg and Abhineeta founded Aatma Vikas in 2009. Under their leadership, Aatma Vikas has cultivated a laser-sharp focus on sustainability and restoration among exploited people and communities. Greg has worked internationally for the past 8 years following his graduation from Taylor University. Abhineeta grew up traveling between the US and India and has a degree in law. Together, they seek to see communities restored and transformed across the nation of India.