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The Need

       In a land of over 1.3 Billion people - with hundreds of millions in poverty - hundreds of millions considered untouchable - tens of millions enslaved in human-trafficking - and nearly a billion that have never heard the name of Jesus - the needs of India can easily overwhelm and paralyze.

     Many organizations 'bite off more than they can chew' - attempting to 'eradicate hunger', 'share Jesus with every person', and 'free every slave' - with a capacity far beyond these lofty (though virtuous) goals.

The Idea

      Our idea. Keep it simple. Partner with the local church. Empower change makers. Identify 'tipping points' of change. Execute with excellence. Disciple with intention. Combat poverty through education and opportunity. Share the love and truth of Jesus.

We at Vikas Mission - have a focused approach to 'help communities thrive'. We support their holistic development -  Spiritually, Financially, and Relationally.  

Our BIG GOALS are:

  • Equip 200 pastors with tent-maker skills and opportunities to become self-sustaining by 2020. 
  • Enable 500 churches to become self-sustaining through tent-maker initiative and self-help groups by 2020.
  • Empower 500 women and children out of poverty, exploitation, and abuse by 2020. 
  • Train 3,000 community change makers in a vocational program by 2020